Beauty of the East For a Pro Traveller

Situated in the east of South Africa, Mpumalanga (literally meaning east) is definitely the valley of the rising sun and new beginnings.

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Hot Air Ballooning

You would have to rise up with the morning sun to enjoy the most out of going up in a balloon filled with hot air. Being high up at altitude will give you a bird’s-eye view of the beautiful and untamed expanses of Mpumalanga.

Kruger National Park

One of the largest wildlife reserves on the African continent is the Kruger National Park. Its territory is shared by both South Africa and its neighbor Mozambique. It boasts a fine collection of wildlife for you to appreciate from painted wolves, rhinos; which are dangerously endangered due to poaching, lions, elephants and many other magnificent creatures. You might even be fortunate enough to witness a pride of lions on a hunt.


Floating around in a basket elevated by a balloon filled with hot air and following wild animals in the bush might leave you feeling exhausted. Fret not, Mpumalanga has a host of spas, inns and B&B’s ranging from 2 to 5 stars you can eat in. Enjoy spa treatments that will leave you fresh and restored. Spend the night in comfort and luxury or enjoy your evening out in the open under the starry African sky uninterrupted by the hustle and bustle of city life. Tranquility, rest and peace of mind await you in these resorts.

Mpumalanga has loads to offer to the prospective tourist; from vast, expansive landscapes, an assortment of wildlife and spas and resorts. Most important of all is peace of mind as you relax and unwind. You will feel a deep connection to nature by the time you leave this wondrous place.

The River of January, the River of Desire

Having discovered Guanabara Bay on the 1st of January 1506 the Portuguese decided to name the river for the month they had discovered it and so Rio de Janeiro came to be. After discovering this marvel of a place they then decided not to leave. With the beautiful coast leading up to the lush, green mountains and beautiful scenery, who would ever want to leave?

Christ the Redeemer

Probably the most recognizable sight and destination in Rio. Christo Redento, in Portuguese, stands about 30 meters tall and his all-encompassing and all-embracing arms stretch out 28 meters. With over 1 800 000 people visiting this site every year, you would be remiss not to pay him a visit. Within the base of the giant statue is a chapel where services, weddings, and baptisms are held.

Tijuca National Park

Surrounding Christ the Redeemer is Tijuca National Park. It is one of the largest forests found within the borders of a city in the world. It boasts a wonderful assortment of endemic flora and fauna species, keeping true to Brazilian heritage.

One can also pay a visit to this national park’s waterfalls, with some sending water plummeting 30 whole meters to the ground.

One could simply get lost hiking up and down this mountainous forest as well as paying a visit to the museum which has several local artworks on display.

Being atop a mountain, one will find numerous places to absorb the wonderful cityscape of Rio from the national park, which is especially beautiful in the night time with all the lights lighting up the night sky.

With a warm climate, beautiful sights and exciting activities to partake in Rio de Janeiro is definitely a bucket list destination to visit and enjoy. Make sure to visit, you will never want to leave.